Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jacksboro, Texas Sammy in the Park

Acher City, Texas

This lady has a pet goat in her back yard...........see all the black spots....they are everywhere.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold in Texas

Today it was about 50, it is hard to work when it is that cold.  I hope Monday it is back to 70.  I think everyone down here has a new pickup and a Carhart Jacket.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back to Walmart again.

I finally found my problem with Walmart. The buzzer went off again today. It was my billfold. There was a security strip on the ID card that comes with the wallet.  I have had this wallet for a long time why it started setting off the security alarm is really strange. It is now fixed.  I am in Decatur, Texas, not a bad sale but the wind is blowing dust everywhere. Kinda of a dirty day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

What a pain at Walmart.............

A few days ago I went into a Walmart and the security alarm goes off.  I didn't think to much about it. Yesterday   I go into a Walmart and it goes off again.  I tell the guy that I had bought my tennis shoes and jacket at Walmart. He tells me just to go on, but I want to know what is causing this, so I take off my jacket and ask him to run it through, well nothing happens but he doesn't like what I am doing, he just wants me to get going. Nope I want to know what it is.  So I take my tennis shoes off, now he is getting nervous, so I ask him to run those through and the alarm goes off.  He is telling me that he doesn't want customers thinking he is making me take off my jacket and shoes.  so he hands me my shoes back and tells me everything is OK just go.  Nope, I want them to deactivate my shoes, but now they don't want to put my old stinky tennis shoes on the deactivater in front of customers, but finally they do and then they go over and test them and my shoes were the problem.  But on the way out it goes off again.  So I just went on and forgot it.  Untill tonight.  I go back into the same Walmart tonight and the damn buzzer goes off again.  I don't have my tennis shoes on, so I take my jacket off again and that is not it.  But they didn't want anything to do with me, because it is starting to look the TSA at the airport. Sir you are OK just go on.  When I was done shopping I went to the other door and ask the guy to run my basket through for me, it was OK.  He must have talked to the other door and ask me not to take anything off. So I leave and the damn buzzer goes off again.  I came to the motorhome and took my wallet apart, which I had bought at Walmart, and went back. There is a new guy at the door and I started to explain to him my problem, so I had my wallet that I had stripped down in one hand and my credit cards in the other.  He runs my credit cards through, they are fine.
He runs my wallet through and it is fine.  I now have a pair of old shoes on, old pants, tee shirt, there is nothing that can set this damn thing off, so I took a couple of steps to go out and it goes off, I turn around to go back in and he kind of put his hand on my shoulder and said you are fine, it will work it self out and kind of made it clear that they wanted me to go home.  So I did and I still don't know what the problem is.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting ready to go into Texas.......

We are camped out tonight at a Casino in Davis, OK,  I didn't even go in, this job is a big enough gamble. This will be our last night in Oklahoma.  I hope it gets a little bit warmer, the weather has been terrible, jackets in the morning and T Shirts in the afternoon.
Here is Kyle's new Trailer,  it is really nice and he loves it.

This will be a different Christmas this year.
I made a decision today, that I am not going home for Christmas.
I am sure Connie will be OK in that big 3 story house all by herself. She will have the Life Channel and Molly.
This will be the first Christmas we have ever been apart.
I can get more selling in this way, Kyle and Arthur are for it.