Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What the Hell is this?

We just entered Kansas today when this thing blocks traffic.  It is the longest load I have ever seen. It is probably Top Secret.  There was 3 of them.

Monte Vista, Colorado

Tonight was our last sale of 33 on this run, and it was great. The best sale we had this whole run.  Several $2000.00 buyers. Only had 39 but they were bidders and buyers. I have never had a bad sale in Monte Vista.  I should be home tonight around 6 or 7.  2 weeks off and off to Montana for 47 sales.  I am kinda of ready for a break.

They have a motel in town that has a drive in.  You just open your curtains in your room and watch the movie. The sound is piped right into your room. 

I've got about 9 hours of listening to America Right.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sale in Manassa, Colorado

Nice big crowd in a little town in Colorado, They have never had one of our auctions.  This was their first. They took to it real well. One of the biggest  crowds in months.

One more step to the destruction of the United States.

Just walking around Walmart tonight, just looking around at all the people that have lost a part of their freedom, and they don't even know it.  The ball is rolling and I don't know if we can stop it.  Most of the American people really don't even know what happened.  Socialism is here. America is not free and it is going to get worst.
We have the most corrupt government of all time.
Buying votes and special deals
They have to be voted out!

PS: I had a good sale.

Manassas., Colorado Home Town of the "Manassas Mauler"

Manassas is the birthplace and Home Town of Jack Dempsey.

The sale hasn't started yet I am just hanging out in the Motorhome waiting.  Just watching Fox News (the only Fair and Balanced News Channel)

San Luis, Colorado

We had another good sale, we didn't even get there till 12:30 and the sale starts at 1.  We started 30 minutes late with about 13 people but more gradually came in and it worked out great. Mr. and Mrs number 94 brought their grandson. I gave the grandson one of our Ram Tool Hats that light up and as you can see he was tickled.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boone Sale was just alright...

Boone ended up being a good sale. made money. I started going to the VFW in Boone in 1974, it is a little hall and they do good bar business.  I haven't had a sale with booze allowed in a long time, nothing has changed, a lot of drinking, but they all had a good time.  I have be thinking, I have went 9 years without any booze, I think I can start again and just be a social drinker. I'll have it under control this time.

Just Great......................

It is 2 am and here we sit at the bottom of N La Veta Pass, with big flashing signs, Chains Required, I don't know if we have any so we are going to wait till morning and then worry about it.  Roads are bad, no motels for the boys so Billy is sleeping in the Van and Kyle is in the Motorhome tonight.  Sadie sleeps going down the road and Sammy is a nervous wreck, it is just like he hates my driving.  Well good night, Sammy and Sadie will sleep with me, it must be because of Fox News is on 24/7. Thank God for Fox News.

I knew it would happen some day..........................

One of heavy carts broke their floor, the cart fell over but a table caught it.
If that table wouldn't have caught it, it could have went right through their floor. It is wonder Arthur didn't get hurt. These carts weigh ? about 1000 lbs or more ? They are heavy. Close call.  Nancy the young lady in charge was wonderful (as Bud would say) I gave here a hundred bucks and she was happy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Boone, Colorado

It is snowing. We have to drive tonight after the sale to San Luis, Co we will now start getting into the mountains.
We just found out that the N LaVeta Pass is closed due to accidents from the snow.  We can't go around, I won't try to go through in the middle of the night, but we will be at the bottom early tomorrow morning and hope it is open by then.

 The vote on  health care is driving me nuts, I can't believe they are doing this to us.  We have to get the Democrats out.  Don't get me wrong I am not to tickled with the Republicans either, I feel they are just as corrupt.  They all need voted out.  What a bunch of crooks. Last night I asked the crowd on how many watch fox news 75% raised their hands, then I asked what the rest watched or listen to and they just sat there and didn't even respond.  I was at the post office today, and the postmaster was telling me he can't even find anybody that will admit to voting for Obama.  If they pass this bill it will be a big step into complete government take over.  The government will decide what our doctors will make. They will make all the decisions about our health.  The next step will be nationalizing the drug market another take over.  In this bill it also gives the IRS  complete access to your personal or business checking accounts, they can just take your money. The IRS will be enforcing the health care, you must have government approved health care or they will fine you, you can be audited once a month.  They will force you to buy health care. There should not be any vote buying or sweet deals.  We have to vote the Democrats out. Even Democrats have to vote Democrats out.  We do need health care reform, not take over.

Auction in Calhan, Co and now we are in Walmart at Pueblo, Colorado

A short little note about the sale , they were good people, and nice crowd.  I was just lacking a couple of 2500.00 buyers, but we didn't loose any money.  We are parked at Walmart in Pueblo, Arthur is shopping and I am just playing with the doggies.

If you are not paying attention, you should ASAP  or you are going to loose your freedom.  America you must wake up. Sunday could be the last day of your freedom...  You must realize that Monday morning you might wake up and you freedom is gone  ATTENTION   this is not about health care.........Don't fall for it . This is nothing but government control of you.  No one cares about your health, Wake up, it is control. The American people don't want it.  The Democrats are out of control.  Our corrupt government will do anything it take to pass this. This is long way from being over.  In November  vote every Democrat out off office.  What they are doing to the American public is criminal.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiowa, Colorado

Great Sale, Good Bidders, Good Crowd, Good Buyers, Big Buyers...........All around good sale.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Yuma, Colorado

Small crowd tonight I even started 20 minutes late. It was tough, I had 10 bidders and then a couple of guys came in as I was selling generators and they said I'll take 2, I put up an air compressor he says I'll take 3. Another guy says how about the black generator, I will start it at $500.00 and the rest of the night was that way so we pulled it out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hale, Colorado

     Another good sale in Hale.  I started coming here about 36 years ago, I have never had a loser here, I need about 1,000 spots like this one.  I only had 22 bidders but they were buyers. 
     The Hale Hall was built in 1948 as a cafeteria for the workers that was building the Bonny Dam. About 800 workers moved into Hale with tents from 1948 to 1951. It was booming, booze, women and plenty of fighting and when the Dam was done, everybody left and that is how they got the building. The Bonny Dam was built on the South Fork Republican River, I was told today they drained the lake for Kansas, there is only about 6 feet of water,  what a bunch of crap.                                                                           

Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodland, Kansas

Sale was no big deal, but I think the next 3 days will be good.  It is cold. I thought winter would be about over.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Montezuma, Kansas

Great sale, big crowd, they were great bidders and buyers, we left the hall last night about midnight and I locked the money from the sale in the hall.  Great....I had to wake up the lady that rented us the hall, she took it pretty good.  We drove to Garden City and stayed at Camp Wal-Mart, shopped till about 2am then had to get up at 7am to drive 100 miles to Oakley, Kansas.  Connie showed up at   1 o'clock so we spent the afternoon with the dogs ..................The Sale in Oakley was terrible, they sat there, They would not bid, they would not give me any requests, I do not have a clue why they showed up. We are staying at the High Plains Camping, (Kay, is this where you and Danny stayed?). Well checked my Facebook and guess who was there, a name from a long time ago...Charline Mildrexler.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meade, Kansas

For a little sale it was a good sale, didn't sell much but we only had $341.00 in advertising.  I had a big buyer, he spent $2000.00 but then his credit card wasn't any good so we lost that deal, but that was ok, because he kept the bid high on everthing, so everyone else paid top dollar.  After he left another guy came back and said I am sorry but I got into it and can I return my stuff, but I would buy the air compressor so he marked off his $400.00 Jackpot. We still made good money after loosing $2500.00 in sales.
Sammy and I went to the Dalton Gang Hideout today, is was kinda of interesting, no big deal.
Sammy did like it, he loves to go snooping.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kiowa, KS

The sale was no big deal today, we still made money, but it was tough.  The first hour they just looked at me, they wouldn't even sit down or bid.  They finally warmed up, but it took a while.  I can't believe I went off and left Sammy at the sale. I was driving down the road and started talking to him and then wondered why he wasn't in my lap and then it dawned on me he wasn't with me, I called back to the sale and he was with Kyle.  I always know where he is and he doesn't get out of my site, except when he is with Kyle.  We are parked at a quick shop truck stop tonight in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  Here is a picture of Sammy on an anchor at a Veterans Memorial in Helena, OK. This was one big anchor.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Helena, Oklahoma

Finally, a good sale after 5 bad ones. It was just a good day, we are now in Kiowa, KS parked down by the railroad tracks just waiting for another good sale. 
If you get a chance to watch Glen Becks the Indoctrination of our Kids watch it, we have to wake up to what is happening to us. We are loosing our country. Can we make it another 3 years?

Cresent, Ok

, 5 bad sales in a row.  What's the deal, the crowds are too small. A very shy (Baschan) was at the sale with no collar, I know it had been abused, nice dog, it was hard for me to pull out and leave it, wonderful dog.  I woould love to have a homeless dog retreat.  Well Arthur and I are at Walmart in Enid, OK, tomorrow we will go to Helena, we are going after sales very carefully, cutting back on advertising, I have 10 days to turn this around. It is going to be touch and go. Good night

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kingfisher, Oklahoma.......2nd time in a week.

Back in 1977 I was late for a sale, I came out of Enid, OK going south toward Kingfisher at a high rate of speed, but as I was leaving town there were a bunch of police with someone pulled over and I had to slow down and go around.  I stopped at a quick shop in Waukomis OK.  I did my shopping and out the door I went.  I got into my new Lincoln Mark V and took off again, I was late.  I passed several cars and didn't even think anything about it, but as I was approaching Kingfisher , the bridge to get into town was blocked by police cars, so I slow down and guess what, they wanted me.  Come to find out there was a bank robbery and that was what the police mess that I had to go around.  Well when I pulled into that quick shop, the police were taking the bank robber back to Kingfisher to jail in unmarked cars.  I just happen to pass everyone at a high rate of speed.  So they called ahead and they were waiting for me.  So they threw the bank robber and me in the same cell.  So I called Connie who I was dating at the time, had ther bring me $500.00 cash for bail, which Big Earl loaned her. She came and got me and we went across the street to a quick shop and bought $35.00 worth of Candy and Chips and took it back over to the jail and had the jailer give it to all the boys. Their jail is on the top floor of the court house. As I was leaving I had my moon roof back waving at all the bad boys in jail, they were yelling and screaming and thumbs up, they loved the snacks.  I went through a few days later bought another $35.00 worth of Candy and Snacks , it was a real treat for guys.

But back to the Bank Robber he wanted to go to Enid and tell his wife the problem  he had,  so I did,  He also told me that if he had a car like mine, they would have never caught him.

Connie and I were friends with Big Earl, he must have been 6'10 or 11. He was a great guy he came to all of our auctions, he would help anyone he was a wonderful man.  He sold his Big Conoco Gas station to Walgreens who wanted that corner and he made a few million.  Right south of Kingfisher there is a white cross labeled Big Earl, he was killed in car wreck a few years ago.

So I have a little history in Kingfisher.  Then the new Walmart in Kingfisher has a nice memorial park at the south side of the parking lot.  Kingfisher is the birthplace and hometown of Sam Walton.

I had a sale tonight in Kingfisher and it wasn't worth a damn, the people that were there were great, just not enough of them.  Tonight we are staying at Camp Walmart.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Perkins, Oklahoma

OH NO, Bad Sale. They wouldn't bid, they just sat there.

Canton, Oklahoma

We pulled into a new RV Park last night in Canton, OK, we enjoyed a nice quite relaxing evening.  Then at 8am this morning someone is knocking on our door, so I get up open the door and here is some guy that is staying at the RV Park and wants to know if I want to go to church, (I have never seen this man in my life.)  NO, I do not.
I might have sounded rude but what in the Hell is wrong with that man. I was not going to explain to him why I was not going.  He needs to mind his own business.  We had a good sale and one of the best per cent ever.  It has just been a good day.  We made it to Walmart in Kingfisher, OK (The birthplace of Sam Walton) they have a nice little memorial park at the south edge of the parking lot.  I should have got a picture, maybe tomorrow.