Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scio, Oregon

What a great bunch at the auction tonight. The crowd was only 20 (very small) but everyone was good natured, polite, good bidders, I would love to come see them again. I two gentleman in the front row that were buyers look at there pickup

This was number 80 and this is all his stuff, his buddy number 86 is loading all his stuff inside the back seat of the pickup. They were great, as were they other bidders.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Home, Oregon

Mark Percival came down and spent the day. It is 11am and we are still visiting in the Walmart parking lot. The sale was no big deal. I had a couple of guys that came to the sale that I hope I never see again.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Crew, Billy Lockridge, Kyle Ronkar and Arthur Settlemyer

These 3 guys do an excellent job, it is alot of extra work. This is my first non drinking crew ever.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sammy leaving me.....

Sammy told me to get screwed, he's leaving.
His demands were:
No more of that dog food crap, he wants more honey ham and fresh tuna
No more china dog treats, don't they make any treats in the USA
No more shaking hands without getting a treat, thats a bunch of bull
No more kitty kats that have ringworm
and No more making me go out in the grass that has stickers to poop.

Kyle and Sammy they are really buddies...

Arthur Selling the Protec 2000 Utility Knife

Lebanon, Oregon

The sale today wasn't all that bad they just spent to much on advertising today. Here is a guy with a great T Shirt. Always double click on the pics for better views.

Willamina, Oregon

Did you know in Oregon you cannot pump your own gas. But if you are on an Indian Reseveration you can and it is 10 cents a gallon cheaper. We had a good crowd tonight they were just alright.

Here is a good pic of the crowd. (Double Click)

We have driven to the next sale in Lebanon, Oregon and it is about 2am at Walmart. It is going to be a short night we have a 1:00 PM sale tomorrow and have to setup at 9am.

Here are the good ole boys at the sale, they were good sports. I gave the guy in the blue T Shirt a deal on something and he was so tickled he said he would give me a hug. He only has one arm. So I told him that it would be only a half a hug.
They were good sports

Friday, June 26, 2009

Willimina, Oregon

I had a $4500.00 check from a customer last night that I went to the bank this morning and cashed and had no problem, so that started the day off well. I am really impressed with Oregon, the East coast doesn't even come close. Mark Percival showed up and helped me take a U Haul back to Salem, there was a $475.00 late fee but since I took it to Salem for them they didn't charge me. It is just about Auction time better go.

Pacific City, Oregon

Good Sale small crowd, $400.00 per head, good buyers. Very happy with this sale, its the biggest we have had in Oregon. We need one like this every night. I know there is alot of tool talk, but that is what we live and breath 24 hours a day. This is the beach about 1/2 mile down the road from the sale. They say there are caves back in the rocks. Look on the right side of the picture that is a mountain of sand, and they climb that mountain of sand.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pacific City, Oregon

We are at a Community Center and the old ladies are having some kind of a yoga class execpt they can't get down on the floor, but they are listening to freaky music. There is a very eldery woman with a walker, so I said to her "Have you heard that Michael Jackson died" she looked at me very slowly and said "About time" turned around with her walker and headed for the door. I don't have much advertising tonight so I don't know what to expect. About a mile from us is a beautiful beach with a huge rock sticking out.

Double click and look at the water droplets

This is to Bud Gillett.
Yes, I have slowed down to smell the roses. This life is sure different than the road life 30 years ago. The pictures 30 years ago would sure look different. Time can sure change a guy. Mark and Georgia Percival grew this rose.
This would be heaven if I could sell 20 G's a night.

Heceta Head Light House

Heceta Head Light House on Hwy 101 North of Florence, Oregon
Tulips, Double Click

The Seals just having a good time.

The seals just sleep, swim and play and they make alot of noise.
Double click on the picture so you can get a better look.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There is a Tulip Farm by Mark and Georgia Percival's house here is Georgia doing so Tulip shopping. What alot of Tulips.

Sammy wanted to see the Light House

Mark took us over to the Light House, it is just beautiful. I have been everywhere this Oregon Coast is unreal.

Silitz, Oregon

Mark and Georgia Percival live about an hour away and Mark came and spent the day, we drove back to Yachats and then about 20 miles south to see the Light House and the Seals. It was a great view, we had a good time.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toledo, Oregon

Look at this hill. Now this is a job to load and unload and walk around in the trailer.

Yachats, Oregon

Yachats sale was a small crowd but they were good bidders. We had one noisy woman but she couldn't help it, God made her that way.

Trip to Newport early this morning.

Sammy and I got up early this morning and drove to Newport to Walmart, it really felt good to see a Walmart. On the way back there were some scenic views.

Highway 101 and Sammy

Highway 101 in Yachats, Oregon was a special place for Sammy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yachats, Oregon

What a drive on Hwy 101 from Florence, OR to Yachats, OR what a view. I wanted to stop at the Sea Lions Cave but I had a semi and a U Haul and Van that had to be guided in. Don't have much to say today but the view is great.

Florence, Oregon

Small crowd today, but the bidders we had weren't to bad. We drove from Crow,Oregon to Florence, Oregon beautiful drive. Arthur, Sammy and I went down to the Oregon Dunes it runs 45 miles down to Coos Bay, Oregon there are 100's and 100's of kids and ATV's and to think I only had a motorcycle and park and river to ride. These kids are on $10.000.00 ATV's.
We walked down to the beach and it wore me out.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nip Metzger DBA Weasle

Found a picture of Nip, just had to post it.
One of my very best friends.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cottage Grove, Oregon

It has been a pretty good day. We camped out at the Moose Lodge in Cottage Grove, Oregon last night. We had good parking and access to the Moose today for the auction. We had a good size crowd and one of the best sales we had in Oregon. Had a grumpy old man and a blond that could have been in fatal attraction (completely nuts) with a Shizu. She was the high bidder on a computer but I talked her out of buying it, she would have never been happy. We are now in Eugene, Oregon tonight at Walmart. Arthur will be in there for hours.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Creswell, Oregon

I took Sammy to the Vet yesterday and his liver count is high, so he hasn't been feeling good for about a month. North Park Animal Hospital in Holdrege is great, you can just phone them anytime and they are there to help. I think he was feeling better today he had more energy today and as you can see he is shaking hands with the customers at tonights sale. There is always a lady in the crowd that holds him during the sale. The sale tonight was bad, but that is just part of the game.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sutherlin, Oregon

The best part of this day is my dog Sammy is sick and it cost $202.00. Everything else today was terrible.

Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Not much happened today other than I helped unload a load truck, I worked so hard I had to change clothes. Sammy had a lady hold him just about the whole sale and he just loved it. Then a lady came up to me and said she could talk to dogs and wanted to talk to Sammy, she held him for about 15 minutes and came up to me and said that Sammy wants me to know that I am to tense when I hold him and that he wants me to relax.......I said OK grabbed Sammy and started to walk off and she oh by the way he would like a jigamajob (or what ever I didn't understand her) so I asked her what is that. She said he wants a bulls penis to chew on. I looked at her and said he really told you that. She said yes he did. I sold her $600.00 and off she went. Auction wasn't to bad a big crowd but they were a little poor.. Got to go, it's 10:30 and we still have 30 miles to drive to the next sale.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coquille, Oregon

What a day! We got a 31,000 lb load in today and parking was bad. Most of it was unloaded by hand and even with a bad shoulder I even helped. Kyle Ronkar and Billy Lockridge do a good job of keeping the inventory stocked. Here is a pic of Kyle unloading (he has been with me for a couple of years). We had a good sale tonight I got over $300.00 per head. We got a big load of Laptops in today and sold 2. Arthur and I are parked in a very quite RV Park on the river. Not much to tell today. Most of it is Tool Talk. That's all we do 24 hours a day is live and breath tool auctions.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Longaberger Building

I made a jump back to the past to show everyone the Longaberger Office Building http://www.longaberger.com/ in Dresden, Ohio we had several sales a few miles away. I took a picture of Terry Woodring standing in front of one of the unique building I have ever scene. Yes, it is true; The Longaberger Company's Home Office really is a basket! Actually, the building is a replica of our Longaberger Medium Market Basket, only 160 times larger.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Swamp

We were in Texas last month and had a sale at a VFW that was right on the edge of the swamp, the pictures were great..

North Bend, Oregon

Well the guy that owed us $1980.00 showed up this morning and paid us off just like he said he would and bought another $300.00 on top of that. Arthur and I are down to the Casino's RV Park at 9:00pm, that means the sale was no big deal. I bought some homemade dog treats at the RV office and Sammy just loves them, they are really not that bad with milk we like them too.

Parked on the Ocean, what a view

We are really enjoying the view. I wish my wife was here. Arthur and I found a off the road spot to park for the night, we were going to drive on tonight but we have a customer that owes us $1980.00 so we'll wait till morning. We bought Grand Torenio with Clint Eastwood and enjoyed a good movie.

Arthur and Sammy

Arthur has been my truck driver and cashier for over 5 years, he is a good friend and an all around great guy. In the next couple of months will we have had 1000 sales together. Arthur loves to shop at Wal-Mart he can spend hours and hours there, we park at Wal-Mart as much as possible. Arthur took a long walk last night and had to call for help getting back. There is a different kind of a cold up here it is chilly but you don't need a coat.

Trip to Oregon

Mark Percival flew back from his home in Oregon to help me drive to Oregon for 32 Auctions, I was to have shoulder surgery and I was not to drive Mark was going to be my driver but it was cancelled. We stopped in Rock Springs, WY I should have use the radio, I new better but didn't, it was a small crowd and a fair auction. Ft Bridger, WY was a good sale except I had an drunk asshole he spent 2700.00 he smarted off at check out thats when I let him know this auction is over I don't care how much he spent. I am just glad that I never had any booze problem in my life. Yea, RIGHT...Our first stop was Brooking, Or, then Gold Beach,OR and today in Port Orford, OR (Good Sale) we are spending the night and tomorrow we will go to North Bend, Orgeon.