Friday, April 30, 2010

We went through Glacier Park today and it was beautiful, then through an Indian Reservation and then into nothing but rolling hills with the wind blowing like crazy. We are in Shelby, Montana a big railroad town.  Here is Sammy "wondering whats with the snow"

Whitefish, Montana

Just doing a little sight seeing, it is kind of hard with a semi behind you all the time because he just can't pull over anytime you want.  Another bad sale that is 2 in a row, money is tight they just don't want to let go.  Had a kid last night had $1500.00 in twenty's and we got all of those and he was are best buyer.  I am waiting for the boys to get done loading and we we be off to Camp Walmart. We have a long drive tomorrow from Whitefish to Shelby, Montanta and we will get to go through Glacier Park, it is really nice, I hope I get some good pictures.  It has been raining all day and the dogs smell like wet dogs. Good Night.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Our sale tonight was a complete flop, so I bought Avatar and watched it on and old TV and I thought it was great, now I have to watch it on some fancy TV or movie screen.  I didn't even want to see it, but I am glad I did. We have a 123 mile drive through the mountains tomorrow morning we need a good sale tomorrow.

Just got this off the internet......
Avatar simply refuses to stop making money. If Avatar were a country, its GDP would put it ahead of 17 countries, and it is not nearly done yet. So far Avatar has made over $2.1 billion worldwide, as of March.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sammy looking for a Kitty-Kat....

I am shot, I am so tired, The sale today was no big deal, my sugar was over 300 and I felt terrible. My per cent was low. I didn't even make them pay enough today. I should have got another 10% today.  That's alright I am going to spread the wealth around and make everybody tomorrow night pay double to make up for today.  That will be fair. That is what I am hearing.   We are going to bed. I'm done. Good Night!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mark they have your parking spot.

Polson, Montana

We are taking today off. We will have a sale in Polson tomorrow.  Arthur and I went to Walmart and spent a little time and then to Safeway.  We found us a KOA Camp outside of Polson which is pretty nice, I would of stayed at Walmart if it would have been  a Supercenter.  Our spot has a beautiful view of the lake and mountains and here is a view of Polson.

Plains, Montana

Nice sale tonight, great crowd, we have tomorrow off. We are ready. We have had 17 auctions and only 3 bad ones that we lost money on.  It is really beautiful country out here, mountains and rivers. We have a sale next week about 3 miles from Canada.  Well I had better take Sammy and Sadie out. Here is the local Casino in Paradise, Montana also that is Paradise, Montana.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Townhouse for Rent..........This is a little much even for JAMIE

Lucky for a change...

My brakes started squeaking a few days ago, so I thought I would get them looked at. It is a good thing I did when they took the front tires off this is the slice that was on the inside of my front tire.  I have been driving 65, 70 miles an hour up and down these mountain highways with this bad tire, I wonder how long it has been this way.  So the brakes cost me $500 for new brake shoes all the way around.  $155.00 for a new tire. Then I have a water leak that I have been doctoring myself, I keep buying JB Weld and just keep pilling on, it is not working. So I stop at a RV Dealer and they showed me the correct way to fix it and that was another 65.00.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Avon, Montana

Well we had our 1st bad sale this run.  Here is a picture of the hall at sale time. NO PEOPLE !! Below is a small  country church across the street from our hall today.  The Sale grand total $45.00.  We were loaded up and gone by 7:30 pm.  We are camped out tonight at a truck stop with a casino. Sammy and Sadie want to go outside. Now all I have to do is turn FOX NEWS UP..........................................................................
Had to take a break and take the doggies out, truck stops are alright but they always have trash around the edges and Sammy and Sadie have to smell it all. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boulder, Montana......Fairgrounds

Real nice Fairground. Sammy and Sadie just ran all over this morning, they had a ball.  It is beautiful out here.
10 minutes till sale time and I have a small crowd, I only have to sell $2500.00 to today to break even, that shouldn't be a problem. Well I better go put the hard sell on them.

 Sale is over and we did just fine. I only had one mouthy woman, but other than that it was good.  Arthur and I and the Doggies drove to Helena, MT to Camp Walmart. There were campers every where.  I took my pills and just waiting for them to kick in. I have it on Fox, but I really need it on XM Channel 166, now these boys are Obozo bashers.  They are great!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Deer Lodge, MT

 I have had several sales in Deer Lodge, they were always good and today was a good sale also.  They have a prison in town that was built in 1860.  Our sale today was in the Pen Community Center right across the street from the prison.  I had to go to the tourist center at the prison to get the key for the hall. When I walked in there was a 1965 Mustang Convertible that they are going to raffle off. The tickets are $5.00 each or 30 tickets for a hundred.  I bought the $100.00 dollars worth. This car is sharp.  There was a sign outside that said Car Museum, I didn't think much about it, I figured they had a few cars.  I had a little spare time so I gave the gal $5.00 and walked in.

Unbelievable !!! I was shocked.......The cars started with a 1903 Ford Model A Runabout and 163 cars later a 1974 Pontiac Trans AM Firebird.  Here are just a few pics. 

Arthur and Sammy taking a nap.

Bozeman, Montana

Camp Walmart........What a GREAT place to stay.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dillon, Montana ......and we had a Good Sale

Just Great!......The snow is melting so the ground is wet and muddy, so we had a good crowd and all of their feet were muddy so the hall was a mess. Our job after the sale tonight was to mop the floor. So I get to mopping while the guys were loading the truck. I go out the back door lock the door and gate to the fairgrounds, get in the motorhome and I left the money from the sale and our main auction computer and Sammy's leash inside the locked building and gate.  Now I can't crawl over the fence because I am to fat, plus I just can't do it anymore any way so I find a place that I can crawl under the fence in the mud.
My new tennis shoes are cover in mud, I am covered in mud.  I checked every window, both doors, more mud under every window, I can not believe I did this. I can't get in the building.  So back to the motorhome which I had to undress outside, I don't know what I am going to do for shoes.  If my wife was here she could clean them, (do you know why.......because it is her job)  I'll have to go and buy new ones.  I will have to throw my cloths away, they are so muddy I can't even put them with my dirty cloths.  GREAT!!...Now Sammy and Sadie want to go outside in the mud.  I would just as soon they go on the floor and clean it up for them.  If I take them outside it is just more mud.  Muddy little paws to jump in my bed....Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to crawl over an eight foot fence?  At least you can still be fat and old to crawl under a fence in the MUD.  Come on Ambien,,,,,,, kick it, it's time.  Good night.

Twin Bridges, Montana

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bozeman, Montana

We are camped out at Walmart, it feels good. I bought a couple of computers, and stopped at the book section bought Hannity's book, next will be Carl Rove, and then Dick Morris, as long as there is Obozo bashing I'm in.

 Do you think the Democrats believe him, are they just stupid?  What a looser, Make no mistake his job is to destroy the United States of America, he is no christian, he is a muslim,  He is an idiot,  I got to go my ambiem is kicking in. Good Night.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manhattan, Montana

Look at this, I'll bet this thing goes anywhere.  Can you believe it, it is snowing.

Livingston, Montana

 We saw 100's and 100's of dear going from Harlowton, Montana

It is tough out here, we had a good sale tonight, but when I say a good sale we made money, the sales are nothing like they were in the 70's, that was a gold mine back then.  I lost Sammy today and I about freaked out. I looked everywhere. He was only out of my sight for only about 1 minute. The guys on the crew found him, he was in the fair building that we were in.  I don't want to go through that again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Harlowton, Montana

We had a small crowd, but we only spent $240.00 on advertising and $100.00 rent. We had one guy spend $2200.00 and a couple of other big buyers.  We had to drive 80 miles to Livingston, Montana.  My GPS took us down a road to the Fairgrounds but we got to the end of the road and there was no bridge, but we could see the fairgrounds, the bad thing was our semi was behind me we had to turn around and go back and start over.  There are just huge herds of deer every where.  I have decided no night driving for us. 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Park City, Montana

Park City, Montana. We had a pretty good sale, good per cent, I have had a few sales I need to pick up another 5% but sometime that is a little harder than you think with a small crowd.  Should I have held out for a $300.00 dollar profit on a certain item and maybe not got it sold or take a $200.00 profit that the bid?   We had a sale in Roundup, Montana, it looked like it might be a bad sale, but it turned out all right.
I have ran into several old men lately that are just grumpy mean old men, I had one today and I made him made. I am done with them, no more crap from my elders.  The one today went storming out, I hoped I ruined his day.  We drove to Harlowton, Montana after the sale today, we are parked in their park, it is r  zjJeally nice.  Only $11.00 a night. I had the lady sherriff pull up while I was walking the dog. She opened her door and the jumped right up on her and she just played with, a real nice woman.  I usually do not have anything to a woman with authority , because they have an attitude.  Jethro Tull Concert is on TV and it is great.  I kick myself in the ass for not staying in the band. Jethro Tull is pretty good on Ambien. I will get some good pictures tomorrow.  I bet I saw 250 to 300 deer today just on our 60 mile drive.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Red Lodge, Montana

We had a small sale, but they were a good group.  It is a tourist town, just south of Red Lodge is Yellowstone Park.  It snowed on us last night and there are deer every where. Sammy and Sadie really enjoyed it they had plenty of space to run and run. It is beautiful up here. Well got to go, I have to find a route around the scales. We try and avoid all the scales we can.  We are in Park City today and we will get to stay at Camp Walmart tonight.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fromberg, Montana

Small crowd tonight but we had a good time, they were good buyers, we didn't spend much on this one so we made money on a small crowd. Tomorrow we will be at the entrance to Yellowstone Park.  We have a big load so we have to get there early.  It feels good to get to the motorhome and get Fox News and listen to Hannity.   When I get ready to go to bed I will change to Channel 166 , if you have Satellite Radio, these boys and girls are GREAT. I will wake up to to some of the best Obama bashers on the air today, they tell it like it is.

I don't know if we can make it, Obama is out to destroy this country.  I am obsessed with what this mad man and his band of liars.  I don't know how the come up with these polls because I travel Orgeon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia and Missouri.  I see everyday ordinary everyday working people every night, I can not find and body that will admit voting for him, they all want him out, No one likes Obozo and his crooks.  I am not buying he has a 46% approval rating.  Most people want him out and gone.  I need 10 years of good economy to get ready for the big kick back and retire phase.   Everyone must remember that eveything he says is a lie,  he does not care for anyone, he is out for government control of you. Don't let them..Vote Democrats out in November.

Colstrip, Montana Sale & The Regime that is running this country...

The sale was no big deal tonight, this town has a big power plant and a coal mine between the two companies there is always about 400 workers on a shift.  So are sale is short 400 workers we need part of them for the auction. A guy just drove in from Lame Deer which is about 20 miles and said he had to see over 200 deer. We decided to stay here tonight and go tomorrow.  
This regime that we have running this country now, is the most corrupt bunch of liars on the face of this earth. They are idiots.  They are out to do as much damage to this country as possible.  Their job is to bring the United States of America to it knees. They are rotten son of a bitches. You can't trust one thing they say.  I can't beleive that there is even a Democrat that can't see through this. They are slowly taking over our energy.  Lead Paint inspectors,  Wood Burning and Fireplace inspectors.  I can't sell my house without getting a gestopo to come and inspect it.  
Stop the regime...Stop the destruction.... Stop the lies..
Vote the BASTARDS OUT !!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finally made it.......

A couple of years ago, we got tangled up and the Sheridan, Wyoming Port of Entry and spent about 10 hours tied up.  Today, we just hit it wrong and got tangled up again, this guy was training another girl so we had to go through all these hoops. Arthur was one hour off on one of his log books entry, but we had a fuel receipt to justify the time and his answer was the truck stops time was wrong and our time is never wrong. (I am sure he was a democrat and Obama supporter. This took over an hour. It took a lot of will power to keep my mouth shut.
We finally made it to Colstrip, Montana, there were 2 deer by a quick shop when we pulled in, I pulled up right beside them and Sammy barked and barked, they just looked at him and went back to eating, we did not even bother them.  We made it to the sale and are ready for tomorrow.  I am gonna try to leave politics out of my blog this trip, even though that Harry Reid is on Fox lying to the American people that piece of crap.
Connie and I did go to Omaha for a couple of days, Brandon got a new motorcycle, but I do remember when I was that age.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oxford to Douglas, Wyoming

Our trip started today and we made it as far as Douglas, Wyoming.  No Walmart, just a Pamida, but we are at the Truck Stop, not a bad place to stop. We have got the Satallite Radio on Channel 166, America Right, now those boys are good.