Friday, February 26, 2010

Apache, Oklahoma

Wow, another good sale, I started having sales in Apache 32 or 33 years ago, it has always been pretty good.

  A guy showed up today just to say "Hi," that used to help me at the Sale Barn over 20 years ago.  They have a huge Rattle Snake roundup once a year.  They will catch over 8000 snakes from around this area.  They have a snake pit they put them in and then guys get in and walk around in the pit with snakes piled 2 foot high.  Here is a picture of the Snake Butcher Shop and the Snake Pit.  I went to Waynoka, Ok to their Snake Roundup ONCE... that was enough for me.  No More....  Arthur, Sammy and I are camping out tonight on main street in Apache right across from the Snake Pit.   There was a gentleman today that told me he used to bale hay,  but if your tractor ever breaks down, you stayed on it, he said there are so many snakes you can't walk out of  fields.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Konowa, Oklahoma

We had a sale last night in Sulphur, OK turned out be just a pretty good sale, nice big crowd.  Today we are in Konowa, OK we had a lot of people coming in all day long then a small crowd.  I put up the first 5 items and no one bid. I am thinking boy this is going to be a long night.  Then a woman Mrs. #85 in the last row bought the next 20 items, but no one else would bid.  The $10 to $20.00 stuff was not working.  So I asked if anybody had a request, and a guy says put up the big generator.  It brought  $850.00 and my woman #85 in the back row bought it. So I put up the big air compressor and Mr 7 & Mr 81 bought it for $1000.00 ea. I threw in a 3000 watt generator and a big 57 pc air tool kit and my woman in the back row Mrs. #85 bought one and another guy bought one. The rest of the night was just big stuff no small items, so it all worked out (as Bud would say) just wonderful. Well got to go we are going to drive about 50 miles tonight.

Sammy ran into his twin tonight, his twin needs a haircut.  Mr and Mrs 65 were good bidders and had a good time but after seeing Sammy they had to go and get their Abagail.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purcell, Oklahoma has always been good to me....Great Sale

Great Sale, better than yesterday, couldn't get any better bidders.  I had gentleman that was in the oil business and he bought about 10 of everything, I wish he was at every auction.  Here is 1 pickup load. When the sale was over he just walked out and left his 2 sons to handle everything and they did. 
I never have been much of a fixer, but today I decided to take on a light switch.  The headlight switch in the motorhome was bad so I go to  the parts store and buy a switch.  Install it. It worked. I was proud.  But after the auction I came out to relax for a moment and everything was dead. So I get a generator started and let things charge up and come to find out that when I installed the switch the dome light came on and would not turn off no matter what and it ran all my batteries down and it is not a little dome light. So I take everything apart, put it back together, fixed it, dome light was off. Great.  But now my  frig won't work or my heaters and all off my lights are going in and out. Well after a while I got that fixed it was a breaker.  But I still have a cracked pipe and water leaks out on the ground when the water pump is on.  Tomorrow I will fix that.  I should have known something was wrong back in High School when everyone else in shop was learning how to weld and making nice neat productive  stuff and I was over in the corner on a wood lathe making a Beer Mug. I still have it but the handle won't stay on and must be something with the glue and wood that anything in the mug taste terrible.  That was my shop class. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newcastle, Oklahoma

We had a good sale today, big crowd, great bidders and as Bud would say they were "Wonderful". They were a lot of first timers and they had a ball, they were asking all kinds of questions before the sale and they got into it.
4 hours of running around on a cement floor my body is sore. 
Sammy is barking to go outside but it is pouring down rain, he is going to have to wait. He gets so much attention at the sale we have to keep a close eye on him. Everyone has to pet him and the women want to hold him.
Tomorrow is one of my favorite sales I have been going to Purcell for over 30 years, we have had a lot of great sales there.  

Friday, February 19, 2010

Coffeyville, KS to Beggs, Oklahoma

They were a pretty good crowd, they bought the small stuff ok, but I did't sell much in big items.
You can tell they really liked posing for the pictures.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

                       Great Super Bowl, New Orleans has been very good to me, I am glad they won.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just sitting at home.......Watching Fox......

Look at the ice that is on this pump, they didn't have any power so they couldn't pump any gas anyway.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pics of Downtown Altus, Oklahoma

Altus , Oklahoma Ice Storm


Altus, Oklamoma was hit hard.

Terry Woodring

Here is Terry and some pretty cold customers, looking for heat.

The Oklahoma Ice Storm is pretty well over, (sales wise) more & more generators are flowing in. The trick is being there first. When you are the only game in town it is an easy sell. We were there on the first night of the storm in Chickasha. It is strange to pull into a town that is all dark. Peolpe out driving all over trying to find fuel or anything that can keep the warm. Anyone that was selling batteries, gas cans, blankets, portable propane heaters were sold out. On the 2nd day a few other peddlers selling out of pickups pull into town selling Generators we sell for $299.00 were being sold at $650.00, that is price gouging. Generators we sell for $999.00 were being sold for $1700.00. We sold our products for the same price that we sell for everyday.

There are no Motels, No Post Office, No Stores, No Gas, if a business is lucky to get a big generator they can just get buy and then they are swamped.

There are a lot of customers that think they can just buy a generator and they will be back to normal. We started in Oklahoma City then Chickasha, Lawton, Duncan and then Altus who had been without power for 6 days. I talked to the Altus City Clerk who was hoping the Hospital and Rest Homes would get power on the 7th day after the storm.

I don't think I could make it for 7 days without Heat, TV, Internet, Fast Food Joints and Walmart. I had one young lady who had a wood stove to keep warm and that was it, said she had just looked at her husband long enough, she wanted just enough power to get her computer on to play games, so she didn't have just look at him any longer.