Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hard day at work........

Sammy and Sadie on point looking for customers while Arthur takes a break.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sammy almost got a new pony.................

I ran into this minature Shetland pony today and I wanted to buy him for Sammy, look how small he is, those are 15" trailer tires behind him.  Even though he is small it would have been a tight fit in the motorhome.
This guy travels around the country like we do giving pony rides, what a nice peaceful job.

We are done in Kountze, TX today and we are moving on.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What a trip...

We like storms, ice storms are our favorite.  The Groundhog Day storm was  coming, and we were ready, I locked up our trucks and headed north to meet Terry Woodring in Oklahoma City Sunday night January 30th. We arrived before the storm and prepared to ride it out, and it was cold and snowy, it brought Oklahoma City to it knees.  We were parked at Walmart and watched complete idiots trying to drive in 12-16 inches of snow, the entrances to Walmart were blocked with stranded cars and pickups, it was a mess.  We stayed to long as the storm left Oklahoma City, we should have left right then but we stayed another day in the OKC.  As the Storm made a big mess in Tulsa and heading Northeast, we had to get back in so we left OKC and drove to Wichita and then to Kansas City, St Louis, and on to Marshal, Ill. We were just behind it, we should have been quicker. We stayed a couple of days and then headed back to Springfield, MO, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas and ended up at Onalaska, Texas, that was a 2100 mile storm chase.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It is COLD.....

It is cold, motorhomes were not made for zero and below. I have a wake up call at 6am to start preparing for a hell of a trip. We are going to make the 2000 mile trip with the storm from Oklahoma all the way to Boston.
We are camped out at Walmart and it is cold, my doggies hate it. Oklahoma City was basically shut done today. People are stuck everywhere.

Stuck at Walmart

I am stuck at Walmart, what a mess, cars are stuck at the entrances, and what a bunch of dub people.  There has been cars and pickups trying to get down these streets that have had no snow removal, they don't have a chance.  My motorhome is like a tank it plows thru anything.  This is a mess.